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IntelliTrade is a platform of different companies specialized in Logistics and Distribution of imported goods from all arround the World. It's main core attention is focussed on top High End Audio Products for Homes, Hotels, etc. The strategy of a good quality distribution followed by a proffessional after sales service is crucial to retail partners and their customers! A unique training and demo facility has been put in place during the last 3 years.

15 Brands, some with great reputation, are distributed since many years through two different entities by taking care of its corresponding demands and markets of each single one. These retailer networks are regularely trained, repositioned and if whished supported individually.


IntelliTrade Holding AG
Looslistrasse 15
CH-3027 Bern

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For any requests on Products, please contact directly each individual Marketplace below.


Our markets are lead by specialists with a long time experience and the sense to treat the costomer with respect.

We are covering mainly the Swiss market and in some exceptions also Liechtenstein. The services are supplied to official partners or eventual future partners only to respect their relation to their customers.


Join todays High End Audio possibilites of the 21st Century with NAIM.


Purism at its best... Discover some other brands you will never forget!